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Since dropping out of Class 2s on his last two starts, Love Dreams has had excuses (missed the break and then seemed not to stay), so an apparent dip in form may be a bit of a red herring.
Despite the apparent dip in PBA's gate attendance last season, the numbers proved otherwise as the league even experienced a slight rise when it comes to its income.
Now, those who did not heed the warning are crippled with embarrassment and an apparent dip in employee morale.
Cesc Fabregas voiced his support for Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi Wednesday in the wake of an apparent dip in form by the Argentina star.
The total area to be covered is 700-800m wide (on apparent dip) and over 2000m long (on strike).
HEALTH chiefs in Coventry are puzzled over an apparent dip in the life expectancy of men in the city...
There were 101,200 offenders imprisoned in England and Wales compared with 106,300 the previous year, with an apparent dip in average sentences for robbery, which the Home Office said was due to a new "indeterminate" sentence being introduced.
Henry's apparent dip in form has had no noticeable effect on the Highbury club's title charge, and if he finds his goal touch against Bolton at the Reebok Stadium tonight, Arsenal will have one hand wrapped firmly around the Premiership trophy.
In drift and fill stoping, wide single band reefs or composite reefs of around 4 m width, are excavated on the apparent dip. The principle requires the excavation of all drifts at 9[degrees] dip, both up and down dip.