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1. a positive photographic image in colour or black and white produced, usually on paper, from a negative image on film
a. a fabric with a printed design
b. (as modifier): a print dress
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a fabric whose surface is decorated with a printed design. Prints originally were made by hand using blocks with raised designs. Later the term “print” was applied to all fabrics with designs made by printing machines.

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(graphic arts)
A photographic copy made by placing a negative or transparency in contact with a sensitized surface or by projecting the image on a screen or sensitized photographic medium, and then developing the result.
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1. A plaster cast of a flat ornament.
2.See printing.
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PRe-edited INTerpreter.

An early mathematics language for the IBM 705.

[Sammet 1969, p. 134].
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To send information from the computer to an attached printer or to a printer in the network. See preview mode.
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