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The party seeking an award of appellate fees has the burden of proving the reasonableness and necessity of the fees.
600(c)(1) at the trial court level to apply for an award of temporary appellate attorneys' fees.
Zafar Hijazi has appreciated the decision of the Appellate Bench to dispose of these appeals within two months by hearing the appeals on daily basis.
Chairman SECP also advised Commissioners to give even exparty decision in cases where the appellants are not appearing before the Appellate Bench despite several notices.
The charges did not prevent Pengezov from running for a second term as Chair of the Sofia Appellate Court.
He insisted that he was innocent and that the charges against him were supposed to remove him from the competition for a Sofia Appellate Court head.
Appeals are heard by a standing Appellate Body of seven individuals who sit in divisions of three.
Furthermore, the WTO introduced new provisions designed to induce compliance with adopted panel and Appellate Body reports.
China's appeal to the Appellate Body concerned issues of law and legal interpretations developed in the Panel Reports, China--Measures Related to the Exportation of Raw Materials.
The Appellate Body's central question with respect to this part of the dispute, then, was whether China could invoke art XX of the CATT 1994 to exempt itself from an agreement other than the CATT 1994.
In Los Angeles, a new model seeks to better meet the needs of both indigent pro se appellate litigants and the courts, by providing a staffed self-help clinic on site at a court of appeal.
13) The cost to the court system has been minimal, and the Public Counsel Appellate Law Program offers a model that, with the right local leadership and funding, has the potential to be transferable to courts of appeal nationwide.