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What does it mean when you dream about applause?

Giving oneself recognition or the desire for recognition.

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In the hero's erratic march from poverty in the first act, to wealth and triumph in the final one, in which he forgives all the enemies that he has left, he was assisted by the gallery, which applauded his generous and noble sentiments and confounded the speeches of his opponents by making irrelevant but very sharp remarks.
These were but a few of the tricks the rabbit jugglers performed, and they were so skillful that all the nobility and even the King applauded as loudly as did Dorothy.
Of course, we both applauded our mother's resolution; Mary cleared away the breakfast things; I brought the desk; the letter was quickly written and despatched; and, from that day, we heard no more of our grandfather, till we saw his death announced in the newspaper a considerable time after--all his worldly possessions, of course, being left to our wealthy unknown cousins.
'I applaud Mahira Khan and Aamina Sheikh for their initiatives working with Afghan refugee children and children's education especially for girls.
Rangers fans have been asked to applaud in the 31st minute of Thursday's match for tragic Ryan Smith.
"Last season, 4-0, I applaud them and this season they applaud us so thank you so much."
Lea Watson, 37, said the family couldn't believe it when The Everton Way group, on Facebook, asked for fans attending the Crystal Palace match to applaud during the 14th minute in tribute to Jake.
London, United Kingdom, May 19, 2016 --( Applaud Solutions UK Limited, a market leader in Rich User Experience and Mobile Applications for Oracle [R] E-Business Suite, today announced that Barnardo's, the UK's leading children's charity, has gone live with Applaud Self Service.
Black added: "I saw them applaud. I told them to applaud.
Times are hard for everyone right now and I applaud the outgoing mayor for trying to break this outdated tradition.
"We do, I would note, applaud the restraint shown thus far by government authorities in this regard," Harf said.