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What does it mean when you dream about applause?

Giving oneself recognition or the desire for recognition.

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Everton fans applaud on 14 minutes, in memory of Jake Watson Picture: COLIN LANE
You do not applaud in the chamber - the SNP have been told off for it on more than one occasion.
By deploying a branded Applaud Mobile app ('myPlace'), Barnardo's will be mobilizing an entire workforce of 8,300 employees (with 15,000 volunteers being added in a later phase), giving them a consumer grade HR experience on any mobile device, anytime, anywhere.
Feel free to applaud them because this is the natural outcome of your affinity with the coup makers and the bandits who coercively ousted a democratically elected leader and arrested him.
Middlesbrough-based software house Applaud specialises in web-based portal applications and performance management solutions for public sector and commercial organisations.
Would I have been expected to stand and applaud soldiers who had shot dead civilian victims of Bloody Sunday etc?
Today's increasingly lightweight "celebrities" seem to be quite comfortable clapping to applaud themselves.
After standing in solemn silence prior to the 3-1 Carling Cup victory over West Brom last night, supporters will be given a chance to applaud before the weekend encounter with Portsmouth.
A statement from the committee, who fined Beckham fined 60 euros (pounds 40) over the incident, read: "The player does applaud, but with his back to the director of the game, it is not in a confrontational attitude, but as he goes back to take up his position on the pitch.
Sure, there were pockets of people inside the hall--maybe three or four dozen--who refused to applaud or acknowledge the day's guest of honour in any way But the rest applauded on cue and even gave Morgentaler two standing ovations as he rattled on about what a wonderful fellow he was and how--wait for it--"the crime rate, especially violent crime, has been decreasing because there are fewer unwanted children.
I applaud the authors for their courage in attempting such an unstructured group experience with adolescents.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute, I am writing to applaud the revisions to the final regulations amending Circular 230 governing practice before the Internal Revenue Service that were released on May 18, 2005.