appliance outlet

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1. In an electric wiring system, a point at which current is taken to supply appliances, portable equipment, etc.
2. In a gas pipe system, a threaded connection or bolted flange to which a gas-burning appliance may be attached; according to code, the outlet must be located in the room or space where the appliance is, or may be, installed.
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The circulation includes executives, managers, owners, buyers, and advertising and sales professionals at discount stores, department stores, gourmet stores, drug stores and chains, electronic/ appliance outlets, home centers, supermarkets, wholesale clubs, gift stores, online retailers, importers/exporters, wholesalers/distributors, manufacturers and mail order houses.
Deliveries are expected to begin in early December for orders made via the Internet (, by telephone (0570-008811) or through major department stores and electronic appliance outlets in Japan.
Sales at electronics and appliance outlets increased 0.5 percent.