application framework

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application framework

(1) The building blocks of an application.

(2) A set of common software routines that provides a foundation structure for developing an application. Frameworks take the tedium out of writing all the program code for an application from scratch. Object-oriented application frameworks, which are the norm today, are structured as a class library.

Each class library has its way of doing things, and although the purpose of a framework is to eliminate a certain amount of programming drudgery, programmers must first learn the structure and peculiarities of the framework in order to use it. Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) is a widely used application framework for writing general-purpose Windows applications. Cocoa and Cocoa Touch are Mac and iOS frameworks, and Struts is a framework for Web-based Java applications.

Specialized Application Frameworks
There are also frameworks geared to specific purposes; for example, a framework for a content management system (CMS) would include the infrastructure for developing e-commerce, document maintenance and interactive user activities such as blogs and wikis (see content management system). See class library, MFC, Cocoa, Struts, AFC, JFC, OWL and enterprise framework.
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According to the company, the Sasken Application Framework is now available on TI's 'LoCosto' and OMAP-Vox platforms.
Wicket is an open source web application framework featuring powerful, reusable components written with plain Java and HTML.
The other ultimate benefits of PHP include a vast range of application framework options, the most exceptional security considerations.
Clear adhesive dressing with application framework 4 "x 4 3/4" (10x12cm),sterile gauze impregnated with sodium fusidate 1.5g al 2% 10x10cm,disposable syringe for 20 cc,closed drainage system with capacity of 1,000 thoracic a 1,250ml pleurovac p,steri strip etc.
The Mobile Application Framework allows one single code base and adapts natively to iOS and Android platforms - simplifying the development experience for users and more importantly extending data security and key functionalities in the future - including Oracle Voice, Mobilytics, Data Cloud (Data-as-a-Service)."
To simplify secure mobile application development, Oracle is deepening the integration between Oracle Mobile Application Framework and Oracle Mobile Security Suite as part of the mobile application lifecycle management process.
Proven Software Solutions Ltd, an independent broker for embedded software, has launched the Element Control Software Platform (ECSP), C++ object-oriented IP that provides an application framework
The new mobile capability allows users to develop secure, user friendly, and engaging mobile applications that run on both iOS and Android phones and tablets by levera ing Oracle Mobile Application Framework and Oracle Mobile Cloud, part of the Oracle Cloud.
Jungo's solution includes the software foundation for small business gateways and an application framework for the coordination and delivery of advanced IP-based services, including DSL home remote management services and remote backup facility.
Oracle Mobile Application Framework 2.0 and Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) 12.1.3 and later include support for Oracle Alta UI, enabling developers to build custom applications and extend Oracle Applications using the design system.
GigaSpaces Technologies, a provider of new generation infrastructure software solutions, announced on Monday (4 July) that The Gallup Organization, a company in the global data collection and analysis industry, has increased the scalability and performance of its in-house web application framework, the 'g platform,' by deploying GigaSpaces' Space-Based Architecture technology.
This opportunity is for a delivery partner to manage and administer a grant programme, including hosting an online application framework, administering the application and assessment process, ensuring grant payments are released, managing the relationships with grantees, reporting on the outcomes of individual projects and evaluating the programme after each funding round.

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