application integration

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application integration

(1) Translating data and commands from the format of one application into the format of another. It is essentially data and command conversion on an ongoing basis between two or more incompatible systems.

Implementing application integration has traditionally been done by tedious programming, or occasionally one package might support the interfaces of one or two other packages. However, the trend today is to use message brokers, applications servers and other specialized integration products that provide a common connecting point. Since the advent of the Web, these pre-packaged "middleware" solutions have become widely used to Web enable the enterprise. See messaging middleware, middleware, application server, integration server and application adapter.

(2) Redesigning disparate information systems into one system that uses a common set of data structures and rules.
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The improved systems capability and proven return on investment for application integration markets represent the most compelling market driving forces.
The Gartner Application Integration and Web Services Summit 2006 is the most focused event of its kind designed to help enterprises prepare for the challenges of the changing nature of software infrastructure and what it means for integration, web services and architecture initiatives.
Co-located with the Application Integration and Web Services Summit is the Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit taking place June 21-23.
The Oracle Application Integration Initiative is available to Certified and Certified Advantage Partners in the Oracle PartnerNetwork and applies a rigorous technical process to validate the integrations of third-party industry solutions to Oracle Applications products.
More than 10,000 customers worldwide, including 480 of the Fortune 500, rely on NetManage for mission critical application integration.
Application Integration (EAI) technologies address the need to interconnect distributed islands of computing.
The new enterprise application integration offering was developed in response to growing customer demand for greatly simplified approaches to linking diverse sets of manufacturing systems and business applications to achieve greater levels of business productivity.
OpenII provides services and software for organizations that practice standards-based enterprise application integration and software vendors who wish to provide standards-based interfaces to their products, specializing in the methodology and technologies of OpenEAI, an open-source project for standards-based EAI.
This report covers enterprise application integration (EAI) market opportunities, strategies, and forecasts for the period 2004-2009.
DUBLIN, Ireland -- Analysis of the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) License and Services Market for the Period 2004-2009
Leading Integration Vendor also Receives Top Award for "Best Enterprise Application Integration Solution" Through Work with The District of Columbia

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