application integration

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application integration

(1) Translating data and commands from the format of one application into the format of another. It is essentially data and command conversion on an ongoing basis between two or more incompatible systems.

Implementing application integration has traditionally been done by tedious programming, or occasionally one package might support the interfaces of one or two other packages. However, the trend today is to use message brokers, applications servers and other specialized integration products that provide a common connecting point. Since the advent of the Web, these pre-packaged "middleware" solutions have become widely used to Web enable the enterprise. See messaging middleware, middleware, application server, integration server and application adapter.

(2) Redesigning disparate information systems into one system that uses a common set of data structures and rules.
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2.1 Forward type Application Integration Architecture
* "Predictions on Application Integration & Middleware" (
The solution delivers on the promise of service-oriented architectures to transform application development and application integration by enabling new applications to be assembled by combining functionality from any number of existing application systems, with no programming required.
The first issue will carry features on: delivering software as service; leveraging Linux/Open Source; moving to a service-oriented architecture; new desktop software; using development tools; application integration; and, storage and security.
A J2EE (Java-based) enterprise solution, VFA.facility offers enhanced features for application integration, expanded asset classes, and user-defined benchmarks and reporting that allow you to track the condition of your assets over time and get a sense of how much to invest in your facilities in coming years.
To ensure data interoperability between the PLM system and the rest of the enterprise, enterprise application integration (EAI) technologies within the PLM system must support the broad range of "open" "standards" defined for hardware, software, and data interoperability.
The portal solution includes a Web services middleware, or Enterprise Application Integration framework, which facilitates the real-time integration of higher-education enterprise systems.
SITA will support all of Eland's existing customers and continue to develop the company's products such as Runway, an application integration platform.
The alliance, created as a result of Acucorp's Certified Service Provider (CSP) program, enables Logical to enhance its application integration practice by offering clients a more complete solution for the maintenance, modernization, migration and integration of legacy systems.
BEA Systems Inc has joined an application integration troika with Java rival IBM Corp centered on customer relationship management (CRM) specialist Siebel Systems Inc.
To jumpstart creative solutions that benefit from data exchange and application integration, a new Web site has been created,
The Interstage Application Server is the foundation of Fujitsu's Interstage e-Business Platform, a comprehensive suite of software that includes: the application server, a business process management engine, a portal server for presentation integration, a content integration server and an application integration server.

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