application life

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working life

The period of time during which a liquid resin or adhesive, after mixing with catalyst, solvent, or other ingredients, remains usable; pot life.
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The combination bridges static and dynamic security analysis across the application life cycle to help clients proactively reduce business risk against malicious attacks.
Designed to help organisations achieve better management of the application life cycle
NET Web applications by quickly locating and fixing security vulnerabilities early in the application life cycle, saving time and money.
Through its ability to synchronize content development activities across all stages of the enterprise application life cycle, OnDemand Personal Navigator 8.
who supply software that automates change to enterprise code and content, have announced two certified enterprise change management (ECM) solutions to directly integrate with SAP R/3-Serena ChangeMan DS (Software Change Manager for Distributed systems)and ChangeMan ALM,( Application Life Cycle Manager).
Manage across the entire application life cycle to keep projects on track from proposal to production complete with workflow, demand, project and resource management.
CA's world-class solutions address all aspects of eBusiness management through industry-leading brands: Unicenter for infrastructure management, BrightStor for storage management, eTrust for security management, CleverPath for portal and business intelligence, AllFusion for application life cycle management, Advantage for data management and application development, and Jasmine for object-oriented database technology.
CYCLE Enterprise Solution, an integrated set of industry-leading software products, an open cross-platform architecture, and comprehensive consulting services, which enable businesses to manage software changes across the enterprise at any phase of the application life cycle.

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