application platform

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application platform

(1) See software platform.

(2) The applications used by an organization. If called a "platform," it is likely an integrated set of packaged and custom applications tied together with middleware.

Platform Vs. Stack
An application "platform" implies an integrated set of programs that drive the business, whereas an application "stack" implies the general-purpose productivity programs in use. See application stack, software platform, hardware platform and platform.
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We selected the BroadWorks residential VoIP application platform because it offers the greatest scalability so we can ultimately serve hundreds of thousands of users; it offers a full range of enhanced features that will meet the needs of our users; and it combines the DECT and SIP technologies intelligently to provide the only configuration of its kind in existence," said Pompiliu Tripa, President of Atlas Telecom Eastern Europe.
The company's family of products include Qt(R), which sets the standard for high-performance, cross-platform software development; and Qtopia(R), the unrivalled application platform for the efficient creation of Linux devices.
The combination of Xyratex's application platform and Falconstor's VTL software addresses a full range of market demands," said Andreas Mueller, Storage Business Unit Manager, eSeSIX.
The capacity of the eSeSIX-branded HS-1235 application platform will enable eSeSIX to deliver turnkey storage appliances that address the intelligent backup, rapid recovery services, and centralized storage management needs of enterprises ranging from small to large.
The Xyratex application platform family leverages the company's proven world-class storage expertise to establish a new standard for ATX-based storage enclosures.
Action Engine is a registered trademark, and Action Engine Mobile Application Platform and Brand-n-Go are trademarks of Action Engine Corporation.
Xyratex has always designed high quality storage hardware and their Application Platform is no exception," said Frank Logan, President and CEO of Wasabi.
The company's flagship products are Qt, a cross-platform software development framework for the desktop; and Qtopia, a customizable application platform and user interface for Linux-based consumer devices.
BARCELONA, Spain -- Trolltech(R), the company that makes software faster to build and easier to use, today announced the Qtopia(R) 4 Series, including robust application platforms and user interfaces that will support the use of Linux on a wide variety of consumer devices.
Built using the Action Engine Mobile Application Platform, Action Engine's Signature Solutions of 2006 include:
Action Engine Mobile Advertising Solution - The Action Engine Advertising Solution lets operators and content owners intelligently manage the rotation and insertion of advertisements inside of designated mobile ad spaces using the company's Mobile Application Platform.
Action Engine is a registered trademark, and Action Engine Mobile Application Platform and Action Info are trademarks of Action Engine Corporation.

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