approach mode

final approach mode

The condition of a certain aircraft navigation guidance equipment operation that supports flight operations in the final approach and runway regions. Also called an approach mode.
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If on GPS, it might well have been set direct to the FAF and selecting approach mode might have given it something to follow sooner than you expected.
The connection to HERE's location cloud means that as drivers near the end of their journey, the screen switches to approach mode, showing a street level view of their destination and one-touch options to find an available parking space.
If you're using a flight director in GPSS, navigation or approach mode, it will prompt you to begin the turn.
With the low-flying first debates over and the campaigns in final approach mode, America's increasingly look-alike parties present the country once again with the paradox of swarms of political bureaucrats who have spent most of their lives working for the government in Washington spending the better part of the campaign savaging the Washington governmental bureaucracy.
For full approach coupling, you'll need to fly the autopilot in raw data approach mode as you would any traditional ILS approach.
The unit is in approach mode (APR) with the final approach active (ACTV), the unit will not sequence past the next waypoint (OBS HLD), and there's a message for you (MSG).
As detailed in the NTSB report, at about seven miles out, the captain flying stated, as captured on the cockpit voice recorder, that he couldn't get approach mode displayed on his electronic attitude director indicator.
Problems also usually manifest during the highest level of operation, which is navigation or approach mode.
What is the purpose of the note, "ARM APPROACH MODE PRIOR TO IAF" on the Porterville, California, GPS RWY 30 approach?
According to AIM 1-1-19(n)(3), the GPS will arm in approach mode if within 30 miles of the airport when an approach is loaded into the GPS.