approval request

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approval request (APREQ)

A request that must be made by all aircraft intending flight to a destination airport where flow control restrictions are in effect.
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realignment of roads and design of a traffic signal; field surveys, traffic counts and analysis, signing and lighting activities, hydrologic and hydraulic study, preliminary type, size, and location study, preliminary geotechnical engineering report, borings, preliminary right-of-way activities, utility investigation, sue, preliminary drainage design, section 102 permits, npdes, safety review/audit, preliminary traffic control plan, preliminary pavement design, typical sections, preliminary line and grade, design field view, public involvement, design exception approval requests, development of miscellaneous construction details, project scheduling, and project management and coordination.
All approval requests of the aviation company were submitted to the associated parties in Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Investment.
With this planning approval, the company can now finalise its loan approval requests and begin construction as soon as funding is agreed by the banks it is currently negotiating with.
Cheniere began the regulatory process in June with pre-filing requests to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Federal Trade Administration (FTA) and non-FTA approval requests with the Department of Energy.
Taraf, which based its report on information it received from businessmen and sources at the Prime Ministry, says a parallel system has been established between the investment unit at the Prime Ministry and the Investment Monitoring Unit at the presidential palace which enables the latter to have a copy of the approval requests made to the Prime Ministry.
The FAA Flight Standards division declined our request for an interview, but agreed to respond to a written query about what the FAA is doing to ease the process of obtaining field certification, why some approval requests on the FSDO level are being passed off to ACOs and what it's doing to ensure across-the-board standardization.
One of the most frequent industry complaints in dealings with regulators is their failure to respond to filing needs and approval requests in a timely manner, and their insensitivity to business deadlines.
Fee approval requests are made to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) as the Dubai Executive Council is expected to announce a decision on fee increases soon.
Past projects have shown that the time between the planning and construction phases varies widely due to the unpredictable processes that all BOM and project approval requests must undergo.