approval request

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approval request (APREQ)

A request that must be made by all aircraft intending flight to a destination airport where flow control restrictions are in effect.
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The guide details the approval request process, consent of transfer, investor liabilities, notifications, subservicer considerations and other areas critical to the transfer process.
Building plans and City Hall approval request documents were seized during the search.
But in submitting their out-of-state travel approval request form, the administrators wrote: "ESS leadership's purpose in attending this conference is to increase the access of special education students to our district's AVID programs.
iApproveIt fills that void by providing “instant” notification or approval request to the Smartphone of one or more approvers and providing an “instant” response capability from the approver(s) to the pending users/program.
In a bid to modernise business, the new online tool will include features such as advanced travel policies, which will help companies stay on budget with 20+ control checks including airlines, cities, classes, refundability and rating; automated profiles, which allows for the efficient import of all employee passport details and preferences or connect with single sign-on; easy to track spends, which uses tags to monitor spends and segregate them by department, designation, cost centre, travel intent and more; and paperless approvals, which enables users to send detailed approval requests to line managers and CEOs with one-click processing.
* Paperless approvals: Detailed approval requests are sent to line managers and CEOs with one-click processing.
Almost 2900 prior approval requests or individual funding requests for cataract surgery were rejected in 2018-2019 among the 185 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) that provided data, which is more than double the number two years ago.