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"When the apricot trees are in blossom," A Selection of Literary Essays by Korean Writers Living in Manchuria in the 1940's.
Here I am scribbling away among the Majorcan apricot trees, lapping up the sea, the sand, the sunshine and sangria with the old barbecued sardines.
Driving through Helmdon, head south to Brackley and join the A43, then go right on the B4031 to Aynho,(7), a village with apricot trees which, legend has it, fruit was paid as a toll to the lords of the manor.
Simon, geneticist and research leader, curates the nation's official collection of apricot trees from around the world.
The volume, which starts with the line "apricot trees exist, apricot trees exist," voices a profound joy over the natural growth that life on this planet has witnessed through the ages; Christensen refers to the presence of lovely June nights and love, and uses in each poem the essential key word exist.
After receiving Japanese apricot trees called ''Omoinomama,'' whose name means ''as one likes,'' Koizumi said, ''It is the political community where 'as one likes' doesn't work.''
Imagine sitting in the shade of mulberry and apricot trees, listening to the song of water running through the little canals that irrigate the fields.
Here's the first section in it's entirety: "apricot trees exist, apricot trees exist." Images are severely restricted at the opening.
Like the current collection of apricot trees available to the gardener, it will produce its best crops in a sheltered spot against a south-facing wall or fence.
At one level, ethnic identification provides Teleky with an escape from daily frustrations, On difficult days he tells his friends that he yearns "to live in a small, clean hut somewhere in Hungary, surrounded by apricot trees. I would tend a few goats and contemplate nature," and they laugh.
In their latest report about their lives at the school, Robin, aged 56, says: ''The apricot trees are now in blossom and despite flurries of snow, the new school year is well under way.