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The natural inclination or capacity for skillful performance of an as yet unlearned task.
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a high level of development of a person’s capabilities, allowing him to achieve particular success in one or another pursuit.

A distinction is made between general and specific aptitudes, or between general and specific aspects of aptitude. Thus, with a general intellectual aptitude, all types of activity requiring intellectual qualities for their successful realization may be mastered. A specific aptitude is linked with the type of activity in whose pursuit it reveals itself most fully; examples are mathematical, technical, musical, artistic, and poetic aptitudes.

The chief indications of exceptional aptitude are early manifestation of abilities and rapid mastery of knowledge: the person possessing such qualities develops an interest in and an inclination for a certain activity, becomes skilled in it, and in its pursuit manifests originality and creativity.

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Se propone incluir la elevada cantidad de datos recopilados de investigaciones previas (personas aptas y no aptas para ingresar a la mencion) desde los anos 1997 y obtener informacion psicometrica que confirme su uso en el proceso de exploracion aptitudinal de los estudiantes a la mencion orientacion.
The CDR list will remain exclusive to those stallions that show aptitudinal prepotence.
Still, it should be noted that Red Rocks is very much his father's son in aptitudinal terms.
NOW, from the tenth crop, comes Court Masterpiece, a horse who has never ventured beyond 1m, and in aptitudinal terms is the type most would have expected Polish Precedent to deliver all along.
He could certainly impart class, and he could get runners better than himself, qualities much to his credit, but he was unusual as a progenitor of notable stock in terms of his lack of influence on their aptitudinal traits.
Indeed, his results suggested that he had little influence, in aptitudinal terms, on progeny who tended to take after their dams.
By Alzao, whose stock cannot be defined by aptitudinal type but who has had his share of stayers-including Epsom and Irish Oaks heroines Shahtoush and Winona from the same 1995 crop-Fee Des Mers delivered as her first foal Nordican Inch, a classy filly who stayed rather better than her sire, Inchinor.