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the growing of plants and the raising of fish by combining aquacultureaquaculture,
the raising and harvesting of fresh- and saltwater plants and animals. The most economically important form of aquaculture is fish farming, an industry that accounts for an ever increasing share of world fisheries production.
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 with the techniques of hydroponicshydroponics,
growing of plants without soil in water to which nutrients have been added. Hydroponics has been used for over a century as a research technique, but not until 1929 were experiments conducted solely to determine its feasibility for growing commercial crops.
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, usually on a small scale. Water containing fish waste matter is used as the nutrient solution for the plants being raised; the plants help clean the water that is returned to the fish tanks.
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A practical course in Aquaponics will be held at Camp Living Waters, Bryson City, NC.
Compelled by a desire to meet the food and energy demands of a world population forecast to peak at 9 billion by 2050, these entrepreneurs are endeavoring to re-imagine a more sustainable, healthy and profitable future for agriculture - from the development of high tech farms that utilize the latest hydroponic and aquaponic technology to grow food cleanly, efficiently and without chemicals to urban farming models that seek to bring scalable food production back to cities.
Trent Jones has also successfully developed an aquaponic production model that is patent-pending, positively cash flows, all natural, organic, off-grid, low tech, highly sustainable and is reproducible throughout the world.
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Combining these methods with aquaponics is mutually beneficial for both the fish and plants.
My father and I attended an aquaponics course in Bryson City, N.
Project Description: Project Title: Reducing Poverty and Improving Food Security and Nutrition Among Dominica s Rural Population through Sustainable Agriculture focused On Aquaculture and Aquaponics
In response to "Aquaponics interest" in 84/3:17: Aquaponics, or the cross-utilization of aquaculture and hydroponics, is a commendable idea, and one that I had 30 years ago in high school (for about a day and a half).
This farm is the world's foremost aquaponics ecological unit power driven by Hyundai s zero-emission ix35 Fuel Cell located exterior in front of the Design Museum in London just for single day.
You may want to try Aquaponics Journal, Nelson/Pade Multimedia, PO Box 1848, Mariposa, CA 95338; ph (209) 742-6869; e-mail: info@aquaponics.
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