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see physical fitnessphysical fitness,
combined good health and physical development. The object of any program of physical fitness is to maximize an individual's health, strength, endurance, and skill relative to age, sex, body build, and physiology.
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1. US and Canadian a ceremony or formal routine, esp at a school or college
2. Gymnastics a particular type of event, such as performing on the horizontal bar
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of aquatic exercises approach (Halliwick-therapy) on motor skills for children with autism spectrum disorders.
For the study, researchers put to task 54 women suffering from multiple sclerosis with an average age of 34 to one of the three groups yoga, aquatic exercise or no exercise.
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6 million building provides space to address diabetes management, including a 2,500 square foot fitness room, a heated floor for yoga, a pool for aquatic exercise, including an assisted lift for easier access and a theatre kitchen.
They get an individualized aerobic exercise program and are referred for aquatic exercise.
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They also get an individualized aerobic exercise program and are referred for aquatic exercise.
In 2004 Roehrs et al had also done an experiment on the effects of aquatic exercise and its benefits on the MS patients' QOL.
Wilk (sports medicine, American Sports Medicine Institute) and Joyner (athletics, The Pennsylvania State University) explain the unique benefits of aquatic exercise, explore its effects, describe specific exercises, and discuss altering the pool for maximum benefit.

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