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The publishing story behind Arabesque was that Kensington head, Walter Zacharius, overhead two black women in a New York bookstore bemoaning the lack of romances by and about African-American women.
For me, at that time, technique was 90 degree angle arabesques, multiple pirouettes, and jumps framed with feet like commas.
Quigley brings to Arabesque 30 years of telecommunications and management experience, most recently as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Telesis and, following its merger with SBC Communications (NYSE:SBC), as the company's Vice Chairman.
Arabesque is expected to formally unveil its product and business strategy, as well as its latest round of funding, in early July when the company is officially launched.
Georg Kell's arrival at Arabesque follows the end of a 15-year tenure as the founding Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative with over 8,000 corporate signatories from more than 160 countries.
Arabesque is a student activity in Aim Shams University powered by the Faculty of Engineering.
Muscat: Arabesque International held its third event to draw attention and support for its Muscat Chamber Music Series, this time with a concert featuring the music of Egyptian diva Om Kolthoum.
London-based magazine International Finance Magazine has awarded the 2014 award for 'Best New Islamic Asset Manager, UK' to Arabesque Asset Management.
Before I moved to the Middle East, Arabesque was to me the name of a ballet posture that I never quite mastered.
Arabesque, co-written with Lucy Malouf, is a much-loved guide to the food of the Middle East.
The Bespoke shades of two-tone paint are complemented by hand-painted coach lines applied in an elaborate design that elegantly accentuates Ghost's character lines and culminate in market-individual Arabesque motifs on the boot lid and framing the coach door handles.
Iftar at the Park Hyatt's CafEa Arabesque is all about the traditional Arab Ramadan, with the courses channelling the best of mostly Levantine cuisine.