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One answer lies in composting, as arboreta are increasingly demonstrating.
As part of the sustainability push, many arboreta are promoting recycling.
In the past, dead trees arboreta were trucked away to rot.
Arboreta are specifically addressing these concerns.
Suburban homeowners looking to reduce water consumption can learn much from arboreta. The U.S.
His organization, a coalition of 90 arboreta, parks, and campuses across Nebraska, works to educate the public about trees, especially their benefits for water management in that drought-prone prairie region.
Arboreta need to begin educating the public about this contentious issue, urged several speakers at the recent 4th Global Botanic Gardens Congress in Dublin, Ireland, which Kern Ewing and many other American arboretum experts attended.
"We need to educate visitors on a nonpolitical basis about how climate affects growing and living." As arboreta redefine their missions and refocus their priorities for the 21st century, the impact of climate on the growth of plants and trees--and on our lives generally--promises to be an important direction.