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7 and 8) represent more extreme conditions than the minimum times for effective blue-stain decolorization which were 10 minutes of bleaching with an aqueous sodium hypochlorite solution containing 10 to 13 percent available chlorine and 10 minutes of light exposure from a Xenon arc lamp. The NIR region showed some differences between untreated and treated samples at approximately 1164, 1187, 1364, and 1412 nm in the first derivative spectra from the sapwood samples.
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging has incorporated this new LED technology in the Colibri illumination system, a light source system for widefield fluorescence microscopy that uses specific wavelength windows with much less need to suppress unwanted peripheral wavelengths from a white light arc lamp. The modular Colibri system employs up to four LEDs, each individually and instantly controlled by electrical current without any of the mechanical switching devices like filterwheels or shutters required by traditional illumination systems.
This pumping takes the form of exciting the atoms within the rod by massive quantities of light (say from a series of arc lamps), which leads to the emission of radiation through the optics (emission of radiation are where the "er" in "laser" come from).
A comparison of mercury arc lamp and laser illumination for flow cytometry.
The invention of the arc lamp in 1846 brought electric light into the theater for special effects; Thomas Edison's 1879 incandescent light bulb opened up the field of experimentation, in lighting design for theater and dance.
The Nest 1 -lite Arc Lamp is a functional and contemporary piece highlighted by industrial lines and carefully crafted steel.
Swan gave notice of what was to come when, during Newcastle's celebration of the 1863 wedding of the Prince of Wales, he stunned the crowds around St Nicholas's Cathedral by turning night into day by using an arc lamp from the steeple.
Some light-emitting diode (LED) and arc lamp "white" light sources emit spectra ranging from multiple narrow bands to spikey broadband light; users should ensure sufficient light is available in the spectral bands being imaged.
The system also features a 2,000 hr life and 200 W metal arc lamp with a stabilized DC power supply for consistent illumination.
UV LED heads are available in three wavelengths and have an 80 percent power consumption reduction as compared to a UV arc lamp spot curing option.