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see ArchaebacteriaArchaebacteria
, diverse group of bacteria (prokaryotes), sometimes called the archaea and considered a major group unto themselves. Archaebacteria are contrasted with the Eubacteria, from which they differ biochemically in the arrangement of the bases in their ribosomal RNA and
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A lot of times experimentally you can't distinguish the archaea from bacteria," Whitman says.
Erguder TH, Boon N, Wittebolle L, Marzorati M, Verstraete W (2009) Environmental factors shaping the ecological niches of ammonia-oxidizing archaea.
Compared to the control group, the higher level of yeast 1 and the lower level of yeast 2 also improved DM digestibility, total VFA and propionate production and decreased the number of methanogenic archaea.
The results showed that there is biological transmutation of magnesium to calcium in human systems mediated by actinidic archaea dependent on cerium for its growth.
The C02 was a result of volcanic activities in the Earth's crust, whereas the methane gas (CH4) was produced by the ubiquitous archaea that convert C02 into CH4.
Dense blooms of Dunaliella and of halophilic Archaea developed in the upper few meters of the water column in 1980 and in 1992, in both cases triggered by a significant dilution of the upper water layers by massive amounts of fresh water that entered the lake through the Jordan River and rain floods from the catchment area.
The genus was placed in synonymy with Archaea Koch & Berendt 1854 by Forster & Platnick (1984), but removed from this synonymy by Wunderlich (2004) on the basis of the position of the stridulating file on the chelicera: it is in the distal half in Eriauchenius (and Austrarchaea), the proximal half in Archaea.
Cooperative communities of anaerobic archaea and anaerobic and aerobic bacteria spawn fierce enzymes to help their symbiotic hosts digest wood into sugar in about twenty-four hours.
The original host of the initial endosymbiosis that led to mitochondria was a prokaryote related to the modern archaea and not a nucleated proto-eukaryote.
solfatancus is a member of the Archaea, a third domain of life distinct from nucleated cells and bacteria: the archaea include organisms found in some of the most extreme environments on earth.
The results showed how colonic bacteria, and other simple organisms called archaea, supply many of the tools needed for digestion.