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Because auditory exostoses are not necessarily bilateral and because archaeologic specimens are generally fragmentary and incomplete, frequency was determined on a present/absent basis per skull, regardless of how many auditory exostoses might have been present in any one particular skull.
Illustrated with many b&w plates of historic views, archaeologic drawings, and present views, the papers present discussion of the workshop and early industrial economies in Britain, their architecture and archaeology.
According to the archaeologic context and surrounding findings, the mummy could be dated to a period between 1000 and 700 BC (third intermediate period).
Additional evidence is available from glacial moraines, lake and ocean sediments, pollen strata, deposits of insects, tree tings, coral structure, radiometric analysis of ice cores, archaeologic sites, and many other sources.
The assignment, which is expected to be completed by January 1994, will require Dames & Moore specialists to survey 10,500 acres of the range for evidence of historic and archaeologic resources.
historic, archaeologic, and scientific features," while the Organic