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Designating elements, largely unconscious, in the psyche which are remnants of humankind's prehistoric past and which reappear in dreams and other symbolic manifestations.


Antiquated or old fashioned, but when used in connection with Greek architecture refers to a specific period, c. 600-500 B.C.



an early stage in the historical development of any kind of phenomenon.

The term “archaic” is used primarily in art scholarship to designate the early period of ancient Greek fine art (seventh-sixth centuries B.C.). It refers to the time of the formation of monumental pictorial and architectural forms. During the archaic period the Doric and Ionic architectural orders came into being. The principal types of monumental sculpture were statues of naked athletic youths (kouros) and draped maidens (kore). In vase painting, the black-figured style reached its high point in the middle and the third quarter of the sixth century B.C., and the red-figured style around 530 B.C. Greek archaic art managed to attain certain humanistic traits and still preserve the integrity characteristic of a very old culture.


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Yet, far from being either exclusively strategic or exclusively ethical, this remarkable study has genuinely interlocked morality and security (what the title somewhat archaically calls "prudence").
Readers will see from this distinction how Quartermain often appropriates almost archaically New Critical language for an anti-New Critical program.
The magazine still describes itself, rather archaically, as the "theoretical and discussion journal of the Communist Party.
And Greece's economy is structurally uncompetitive within the Eurozone, archaically organized and with no clear growth plan.
In contrast to Raymond's clipped delivery, Drain speaks in a more ponderous fashion, and his language is more archaically literary, befitting a man who venerates tradition.
In this archaically geocentric image, the sun, whose rays are blocked from the earth by the ash cloud that has covered the planet and precipitated the death of its flora and fauna, endlessly "circles" the clouded sphere like a woman searching for a child now lost to her (28).
This means that those honest enough to fork out on already sky- high and archaically calculated water rates are being doubly penalised.
But if it is "blood," most archaically, that makes one Jewish, how is Roth's Call It Sleep anti-Jewish because it critiques Orthodoxy?
Thus the derisory penalty eclipses all that United Utilities does by way of sponsorship and public relations pamphleting to accompany the already skyhighand archaically cal culated bills delivered to its seven million water users in the north west.
And there is something a good deal more humorous than that in the scenes that occupy the long middle of the novel before we finally return to Ravenswood Castle for the events of the love story proper: these are the scenes in the village of Wolf's Hope, where Caleb Balderstone archaically presumes on his master's feudal authority in an effort to secure provisions for the empty castle larder, and at Wolf's Crag itself, where the very desolation becomes the occasion of some of the best comic writing in all of Scott, as he shows Caleb, ever concerned for "the credit of the family" (1:181), going to absurd lengths to hide or excuse the absence of provision.