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1. an Anglican clergyman ranking just below a bishop and having supervisory duties under the bishop
2. a clergyman of similar rank in other Churches



in the hierarchy of the Orthodox Church, a senior deacon, usually the chief deacon of the central cathedral of an eparchy. The archdeacon is a member of the “white,” or non-monastic clergy.

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Archdeacon Barton spoke about the emergence of nimbyism following the announcement of several options for air travel expansion in the Midlands.
Archdeacon began his senior career with Celtic where he won League and Scottish Cup medals.
Rev Griffiths will, furthermore, be based in a fairly remote outpost as archdeacon, in the rectory at Llandegla.
Archdeacon Ricky Panter has confirmed that the sale of the community hall site, also in Garston, will go ahead as expected.
Archdeacon Williams ran the Church in Wales magazine for more than two years.
In 1960 he became a minister at Llanyre near Llandrindod Wells and stayed there until retirement but also attained the titles of Archdeacon of Brecon, Canon and Director of Education for the Swansea and Brecon Diocese.
He held posts in the region before becoming archdeacon in 1963, a post he held for 19 years before retiring in 1982.
Eventually Archdeacon of Worcester and a member of the Worcester Cathedral Chapter, he always remained at heart a parish priest.
Archdeacon Russell said: "My wife and I have very much enjoyed living here and working in the diocese.
Injury-ravaged Falkirk bravely fought back after going three down and were looking as if they might grab a draw when Archdeacon slid in to seal the points for the Greenock side in the final minute.
But that's come as no surprise to Morton star Archdeacon.
Archdeacon Dann served on the board of the diocese of the Arctic for 12 years.