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1. an Anglican clergyman ranking just below a bishop and having supervisory duties under the bishop
2. a clergyman of similar rank in other Churches



in the hierarchy of the Orthodox Church, a senior deacon, usually the chief deacon of the central cathedral of an eparchy. The archdeacon is a member of the “white,” or non-monastic clergy.

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In 2015, Edward's first pilgrimage took him through the much smaller archdeaconry of St.
Pemberton discovered that the last non-churchgoing case in the Archdeaconry of Buckingham was in 1739, ending in apparent humiliation for the Church authorities; (106) and that the final presentments in the Archdeaconry of Leicester, in 1766-67 and 1776, were made by clergymen rather than churchwardens.
The two pastors at the center of this affair were joined in their appeal by the support of eight other cures belonging to Le Maire's archdeaconry (4), displaying deep-seated sentiments that united ten priests against their immediate superior.
Broaching court records from consistory courts, quarter sessions, assizes, archdeaconry courts, and Bridewell records, she is also unafraid of printed works, using medical texts and household manuals as comparators.
The Courts of the Archdeaconry of Buckingham 1483-1523 (Buckinghamshire Record Society, no.
Swanson, "Contributions from Parishes in the Archdeaconry of Norfolk to the Shrine of St.
The proceedings of the court of archdeaconry of Essex, for instance, record on 18 January 1631, the case one John Strutt, who together with
Scott had been appointed to the newly established Church of England Archdeaconry in 1824 and in 1836 his successor, W.
13) In 1593, for example, the Oxford archdeaconry court heard that William Lenthall of Wilcote had `heretofore absented himself from church, but he hath reformed himself thereof, but for the receiving of the Communion he is not yet satisfied in his conscience'.
10 This sort of offence against morals is the kind the Archdeaconry Courts would have handled (Works, I, 256, and commentary at IV, 154).
24 Greater London Record Office: Archdeaconry of Middlesex (Middlesex Division); AM/PW 1721/135; register copy on microfilm X74/2, pp.
Black priests were sent overseas for training to give them experience of free societies, and to equip them for promotion; channels of promotion were opened up and black representation on archdeaconry councils and on the diocesan council increased significantly.