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a chief duke, esp (since 1453) a prince of the Austrian imperial dynasty



(Erzherzog), in Austria and later in Austria-Hungary, a title held by princes of the royal house of Hapsburg, officially conferred in 1453. It stems from a privilege extended to Austrian dukes in the 12th century, by which they were granted rights equal to those of electors, who were also called Erzkurfürsten.

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The Archduke - 37th in line to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, should the deposed dynasty ever come back into power - jokes he is the band's biggest German fan.
Prairie Falcon set out to make all under Michael Hills and still held the lead a furlong out until the Archduke stormed through on the inside to hold off the finish of Cover Up.
The Archdukes belonged to the greatest and most far-flung dynasty in Europe, and the influence of the Emperor Rudolph II emerges particularly strongly.
Archduchess Herta Margarete and her husband Archduke Sandor von Habsburg thanked HRH the Premier for his efforts to boost global peace and understanding between peoples, stressing that his vision has been able to present a pioneering model to improve human conditions everywhere.
All Saints High School pupil Jessica Griffin's work about the assassination of the heir to the Austria-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in June, 1914 - a killing which sparked the First World War - won her the Specialist Schools Trust History Challenge 2005.
The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand - heir to the thrones of the Austro-Hungarian empire - in Sarajevo in 1914 was the catalyst for World War One.
1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was assassinated with his wife in the Bosnian town of Sarajevo by terrorist Gavrillo Princip, thus precipitating World War One.
Although initially sharing the traditional trust in the distant ruler -- in this case the young Archduke Ferdinand, later king and emperor -- repeated Habsburg treachery made him into their most dangerous and uncompromising enemy.
3 million Archduke Joseph Diamond necklace to the stars.
QUIZ OF THE DAY: 1 Ireland; 2 The Strand; 3 Dolly Parton; 4 Newton; 5 Archduke Franz Ferdinand; 6 The Ancient Mariner; 7 Thirteen; 8 Hugh Laurie; 9 Donald Duck; 10 Brontosaurus.
THE Archduke whose assassination in 1914 led to World War One should have been given his full name of Francis - or Franz - Ferdinand (Page 33, June 28).
PAUL COLE has snapped up Darryll Holland for the ride on last year's winner Archduke Ferdinand in the Foster's Lager Northumberland Plate at Newcastle on Saturday.