architectural section

joint mold, section mold

A shaped template, usually of plywood or zinc; used for casting a plaster member.
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The retail, F&B, office space and residential areas are pixelated and the architectural section of the development offers a completely pedestrianized, active, ground-level experience.
The retail, food and beverage, office and residential areas are pixelated in both the plan and the architectural section of the development so you have a completely pedestrianised, active ground-level experience.
Ibrahim Mohamed al Jaidah, who started his career as the Head of the Architectural Section for Qatar's Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture, has become CEO and Chief Architect of Arab Engineering Bureau, an awardwinning firm with offices in countries across the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
A "filmstrip" reveals the different geometric variables explored throughout a given pattern and is commonly illustrated with architectural section icons and occasionally other widgets.
The sale also included a special garden and architectural section that was led by a marble figure of a semi-nude boy treading grapes that made pounds 1,650.
The beginning of each architectural section has a clear diagram indicating by number each scene's location.
A one-sided, full of hatred view was expressed in the diary, cynically using the magazine in making a statement with a target audience unable to quickly respond, when the 'tom' in it is the first name of the author as well as the 'end' of the architectural section in this edition of AR, while the professional content describing important projects is significantly less comprehensive than Tom's 'tom'-less sting -- where no pure intent is to be found.
And yet those fluid gestures--in bright, soft color--often suggest solid volumes: architectural sections or biomorphic shapes.

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