architectural sheet metal

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sheet metal

A flat, rolled metal product, rectangular in cross section and form, of thickness between 0.006 and 0.249 in. (0.015 and 6.32 cm), with sheared, slit, or sawn edges.
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CUTLINE: (1) Mark Berthiaume, a general mechanic with Crocker Architectural Sheet Metal Inc.
Work includes: removal of existing roof membranes, insulation and vapor retarders; roof deck remediation, if necessary; installation of new EPDM single ply roof systems including insulation; and new architectural sheet metal edgings and accessories.
In its newly opened shop, the company fabricates ductwork and architectural sheet metal, which its crew installs along with HVAC equipment.
Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim Standard: Comply with SMACNA%s "Architectural Sheet Metal
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