architrave bead

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2. A narrow wood strip, molded on one edge, against which a door or window sash closes; a stop bead.
3. A strip of metal or wood used around the periphery of a pane of glass to secure it in a frame, ventilator, or sash; a stop
4. A pearl-shaped carved decoration on moldings or other ornaments, usually in series, or in conjunction with other shapes; a beading. Also see bead and reel molding.
5. A molding decorated with beading; an astragal, 1 or chaplet.
6. Used in combination with other terms to describe the function or position of a beaded molding, such as quirk bead, angle bead, corner bead, etc.
7. The act of carving or running a bead; beading.
8. In metal roofing or flashing, the shape formed by folding a narrow strip of the edge flat or rolling it into a tube in order to stiffen or fasten the metal.
9. A factory-formed light-gauge metal strip having one or two expanded or short perforated flanges and variously shaped noses; used at the perimeter of plastered surface as a casing bead or plaster stop, and at corners to reinforce the edge.
10. A hardened drop of excess paint or varnish.
11. A narrow, convex strip of sealant, such as caulking or glazing compound.
12. A weld bead.
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