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archive site

(Or "FTP site", "FTP archive") An Internet host where program source, documents, e-mail or news messages are stored for public access via anonymous FTP, Gopher, World-Wide Web or other document distribution system. There may be several archive sites for e.g. a Usenet newsgroup though one may be recognised as the main one.

FTP servers were common on the Internet for many years before the World-Wide Web (WWW) was invented and are still used in preference to web servers for serving large files such as software distributions. This is because FTP is more efficient than HTTP, the protocol of the WWW. Many sites therefore run both HTTP and FTP servers.

Some well-known archive sites include Imperial College, UK, UUNET, USA.

See also archie, GNU archive site, mirror.
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PLANS FOR NEW ARCHIVE SITE A new centre for Durham's extensive historical archives could be created as part of the council's move to quit the Aykley Heads site.
Contract notice: Project owner assistance for conducting the construction operation of the new archive site inpi in venette.
Internet archive site The Wayback Machine has likewise released incriminating evidence that could further implicate the separatists' rebels into the aviation accident.
The annual number of visitors to the British Archive exceeds 150,000 and more than 22 million visits are made to the Archive site on the internet.
TV chef Nerys Howell will be cooking recipes from People's Collection Wales inspired by World War Two rationing such as potato cakes and encouraging visitors to share their culinary secrets with the online archive site.
If approved the council will sell the Northgate House and Halifax Central Library and Archive site to make way for a new non-food retail development.
It is essential that the archive site reveals what the site is about, to describe its activity and area with the colour associativity.
If you live in a New York City apartment, and were thinking of getting a subscription to Vogue's newly-launched archive site, how does not paying your rent for a month sound " quipped the Fashion Bomb Daily style blog.
They consist in 4-page papers, which have been made available on a maintained archive site at
Among the clips in a section of the BBC Archive site is a technical glitch which resulted in presenter Debbie Flint having to fill in for several minutes until Schofield came to her aid.
That such an age did exist, however, is not in question and the poorly acted artefact is just one among over 1,000 results that spring up when you key 'horse racing' into the search box on the brilliant new British Pathe archive site (britishpathe.