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Indian carrier Jet Airways has announced that it has received regulatory approval for the use of RNAV1 (Area Navigation) across its fleet of aircraft.
"This is an interim measure to ensure that airport access is maintained until the air operators using that airport are equipped with Area Navigation (RNAV) capability," says Jeff MacDonald, Manager, ANS Plans & Program Coordination, NAV CANADA.
'In other words, the new system relies on satellites and the compatible equipment aboard airplanes like area navigation [RNav], and no longer on ground-based navigational aids [NavAid], like VOR, ADB, ILS or radars,' Borja added.
IATA is pushing Latin American countries to accelerate the introduction of area navigation (RNAV) routes, with a particular focus on Uruguay and Venezuela.
The change will also move the FAA towards meeting its goal of establishing an improved Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)-enabled Area Navigation (RNAV) route structure throughout Alaska.
A new study looking at the introduction of future area navigation (RNAV) requirements in ECAC airspace seeks to answer some of the questions concerning airspace users and navigation service providers.
The compatible equipment installed in modern cockpits is called RNAV, or Area Navigation, generally referring to navigation without the need for going from one navaid to another.
Before area navigation, all airways and procedures were designed expecting us to pass over the fix, suddenly realize that fact, and then turn to intercept the outbound course.
Area navigation (RNAV) procedures increase the number of departure routes and allow air traffic controllers to disperse aircraft more efficiently, according to the FAA.