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That's the concern of some lawmakers and tax lobbyists who support the bills, arguing it will settle an area of confusion in Arizona's tax code.
The deductibility of interest on home equity loans and lines of credit (HELOCs) is a big area of confusion, said Tim Steffen, director of advanced planning for Baird Private Wealth Management.
Responsibility for the regulatory compliance of data is a significant area of confusion, with only 39% considering themselves ultimately responsible for the compliance of data stored on cloud services.
A: Proper crediting of service can often be an area of confusion for plan sponsors, and your question is a prime example of the complexity of such rules.
However, there is one area of confusion that arises in terms of whether owning just 50% still promotes the owning company to be an allied company or not.
New York State and New York City's corporate net operating loss carryover rules have always been an area of confusion, and they have been made even more complicated by the enactment of recent corporate income tax reform legislation.
A common area of confusion for consumers is the difference between Medicare's various plans.
For example, one area of confusion was that French consumers found it difficult to explain the rationale behind the price difference of two ironing systems, one priced at e1/456 and the other at e1/4400; thus avoiding unclear buying acts.
One area of confusion is whether an emission is in Scope 1 or Scope 3.
Martin says: This is a common area of confusion but no, an ISA - now called a new ISA or NISA - isn't a credit product.