area of coverage

area of coverage (World area forecast system)

A geographical area for which a regional area forecast center supplies forecasts for flights departing from aerodromes in its service area (ICAO).
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Rabat's resolution also called on Doreco to "regularly conduct clearing operations to continuously improve the delivery of electric service within its area of coverage."
There are 126 locally managed MPAs within its vast area of coverage. Home to large marine wildlife like whales and dolphins, the Tanon Strait is a body of water separating the islands of Negros and Cebu in the Visayas.
The report showed that the Kingdom's financial industry maintained solid growth and has been expanding its area of coverage nationwide, establishing itself as a major contributor to national economic growth.
It was gathered that the Customs, through a tip-off, swiftly apprehended the robbers at bagi bridge of the international road to Lagos-Abidjan corridor, which is their area of coverage.
He further asked if the ministry would consider assisting the office looking at its area of coverage, and to explain if the waiting area was suitable for customers.
In a petition filed yesterday, Okiya Omtatah and Eunice Ng'ang'a ask the court to order the Energy Regulatory Commission to license other companies to distribute electricity everywhere in Kenya without any limitation as to area of coverage as per Section 27 of the Energy Act.
The DOST said Diwata-2 boasts of added features from the previous Diwata launched into orbit in April 2016, with a deployable solar panel, enhanced resolution cameras, a sun-synchronous orbit that will allow a fixed revisit interval and a larger area of coverage, an amateur ham radio unit for emergency satellite radio communications, an experimental altitude determination module and an omnidirectional sun-aspect sensor.
The announcement comes with the hiring of territory manager Katie Maliniak to help service the new area of coverage.
Editor's Note: Diana's area of coverage includes Entiat, Manson and Chelan Falls besides Chelan proper NCW Media welcomes Diana to our family of family-owned community newspapers that include the Leavenworth Echo, Cashmere Valley Record, Quad City Herald and the Wenatchee Business Journal besides the Lake Chelan Mirror.
He said Leyeco II customers usually consumed 43 megawatts in its area of coverage, namely Tacloban City and the towns of Palo and Babatngon, which has more than 73,000 member-consumers.
While there are no plans to scrap any particular area of coverage, there are a few areas I want to see addressed.