area of responsibility

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area of responsibility (AOR)

area of responsibility (AOR)
Area of responsibility of wingmen for searching and reporting enemy aircraft. Number 2 looks through number one in the forward sector and as far back as possible. Similarly, number 4 looks through number 3 and scans in the rear quarter toward the other pair and as far back as possible.
i. Geographical area within which an alerting service is provided by an ATS (air traffic services) unit designated as the responsible unit.
ii. In the world area forecast system, a geographical area for which a regional area forecast center prepares significant weather forecasts.
iii. In aerial tactics, an area assigned to each formation member to scan and report the presence of unidentified aircraft.
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Weather forecaster Aldczar Aurelio said Isang was expected to exit the Philippine area of responsibility in the afternoon.
Tactical controllers at the Nieuw Milligen Air Operations Controls Station (AOCS) ordered the F-16s to take off from Volkel Airbase and approach the Bears for visual identification and to then escort them through the Netherlands area of responsibility.
The President's Award, for exceptional work inside a person's specific area of responsibility, was presented to both Evelyn Cruz and Robert Nilsen.
The school in Ivanica, as numerous other projects throughout the area of responsibility was an out-of-cycle request.
Pagasa did not raise any warning signals since Dante entered the Philippine area of responsibility on Wednesday.
Sensitive and outsized cargo is usually moved through Umm Said seaport in Qatar and brought to Al Udied Air Base, Qatar where it is flown to the area of responsibility.
The tropical depression was expected to be 405 km east-northeast of Hinatuan on Sunday, and outside the Philippine area of responsibility, 1,150 kilometers east of Guiuan, Eastern Samar, by Thursday.
The CONOPS provided a clear set of the goals and objectives, which will reduce detention within the CENTCOM area of responsibility.
Expect a drizzly New Year, especially in northern Luzon and in Mindanao, courtesy of the northeast monsoon and a low pressure area outside the Philippine area of responsibility, respectively.
It's the command's goal to standardize operations as much as possible so all members of the 598th understand the standard when deployed to execute operations in any port within the area of responsibility, said Gonzalez.

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