area of responsibility

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area of responsibility (AOR)

area of responsibility (AOR)
Area of responsibility of wingmen for searching and reporting enemy aircraft. Number 2 looks through number one in the forward sector and as far back as possible. Similarly, number 4 looks through number 3 and scans in the rear quarter toward the other pair and as far back as possible.
i. Geographical area within which an alerting service is provided by an ATS (air traffic services) unit designated as the responsible unit.
ii. In the world area forecast system, a geographical area for which a regional area forecast center prepares significant weather forecasts.
iii. In aerial tactics, an area assigned to each formation member to scan and report the presence of unidentified aircraft.
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For the defence of the Netherlands area of responsibility, the AOC and its F-16s are on stand-by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for this Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) task.
The school in Ivanica, as numerous other projects throughout the area of responsibility was an out-of-cycle request.
The CME now stands as the "center of gravity" for container management operations and in-transit visibility for the CENTCOM area of responsibility.
Central Command area of responsibility including Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan.
Role Delegation and Access Control / Controls access rights of operations personnel and end clients by role and area of responsibility, adding an additional level of security and providing an audit trail for regulatory compliance purposes.
While some might express concern that this was not the most efficient way to load vessels, it was clearly going to be a more efficient and effective way to discharge and move combat power to tactical assembly areas in the area of responsibility.
forces deployed in the Balkans region, and to provide similar contingency operations support through the United States Army Europe (USAREUR)'s area of responsibility.
Work will be performed at various Navy and Marine Corps installations within the Engineering Field Activity (EFA) Northwest area of responsibility, including, but not limited to, Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Idaho.
Hammond's area of responsibility will include supporting all merger and acquisition activity and other transactional work nationwide, and assisting with SEC compliance and corporate governance issues.
As an internet-based system, it affords salespeople the opportunity to take a wide range of technical classes according to their schedules and specific product area of responsibility.
Tripler's area of responsibility covers more than 52 percent of the entire earth's surface and is the only Army medical center in the Pacific, according to Lt.
His main area of responsibility will be to accelerate the growth and development of Small Business Banking services.

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