area of responsibility

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area of responsibility (AOR)

area of responsibility (AOR)
Area of responsibility of wingmen for searching and reporting enemy aircraft. Number 2 looks through number one in the forward sector and as far back as possible. Similarly, number 4 looks through number 3 and scans in the rear quarter toward the other pair and as far back as possible.
i. Geographical area within which an alerting service is provided by an ATS (air traffic services) unit designated as the responsible unit.
ii. In the world area forecast system, a geographical area for which a regional area forecast center prepares significant weather forecasts.
iii. In aerial tactics, an area assigned to each formation member to scan and report the presence of unidentified aircraft.
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At least two to four storms are expected to enter the Philippine area of responsibility (PAR) in August.
* Area of responsibility: Implementing health education programs
Ian Nicolas Cigaral As It Happens LATEST UPDATE: August 24, 2019 - 3:26pm Get updates on "Ineng," the ninth tropical cyclone to enter the Philippine area of responsibility in 2019.
If it keeps its current track, Wutip will be inside the Philippine area of responsibility Thursday and will be locally named "Betty." It will be the first cyclone this month and the second this year.
The Mid-Atlantic office for TCR area of responsibility includes Delaware, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia.
Wendy's other area of responsibility is directing MLB's Diverse Business Partners Program to ensure that a greater number of businesses have an opportunity to participate in baseball's procurement process.
embassy staff members in countries in the EUCOM area of responsibility.
'The alert memo is genuine, but it was intended for the intelligence unit within the [Nolcom] area of responsibility,' Bulosan told the Inquirer on Monday.
m.) The low pressure area PAGASA is monitoring has entered the Philippine area of responsibility Sunday afternoon.
Typhoon "Wutip" has slightly weakened but has maintained its track and may still enter the Philippine area of responsibility this Thursday.

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