area of steel

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1. Measurement of surface within specified boundaries.
2. Space either within or outside a structure or location, designated for a specific purpose, as recreation and/or parking area.
3. An uninterrupted interior space.
4. An areaway.
5. The cross-sectional area of steel reinforcement.
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s] is the sectional area of steel strands in power line (in [mm.
Crossing from the melting shop and passing by the storage area of steel scrap supervised by Bob Verrill, the next stop was the office block of what was previously Craig Taylor's shipyard.
The company set up 50 camps in the area of Steel Mill Colony where all necessary needs of the displaced were fulfilled.
Proper land length: This is the area of steel that runs linear to the profile that gives "memory" to the desired shape of the part.
Also the reduction in cross-sectional area of steel bar may lead to a loss in structural integrity of the reinforcing steel.