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(Ovis ammon), a wild ram found in Middle and Central Asia; in the USSR, it is found in the mountains of Middle Asia and Kazakhstan and in some parts of southern Siberia and Transbaikalia. The Argali forms a number of geographical races differing chiefly by the size and shape of the horns and the color of the wool. The large argali in Pamir and the Altai reach a weight of 200 kg. They live in herds containing as many as 200 to 300 head, and the size and composition of the herds change in accordance with overall population and the season. In many places the number of argali is declining sharply. Only in Pamir are they relatively numerous. They prefer the open spaces of mountain plateaus and gentle slopes. Grasses are their chief food. The lambs are born in spring, with one or two in a litter.

The argali is a valuable commercial and game animal that is sought for its meat and skin. The Kazakh arkhomerinos breed has been developed by crossing the argali with the merino.


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Lymphocytes were isolated from the blood of Xinjiang Wild Argali using the separation medium (TBD, Ltd, Tianjing, China) after incubation for 24 h.
The sequence of Wild Argali ISG15 cDNA and the inferred amino acids (Figure 4) were submitted to GenBank as the accession no.
In addition, Iron Age remains of argali (a mountain species) also illustrate continued exploitation of the highlands by the site's inhabitants as in the Bronze Age.
Archaeological Phase Species 1a 16 2 3a Domestic mammals Sheep/Goat 76 293 401 61 (Sheep) -- (24) (41) (3) (Goat) (3) (5) (3) (1) Cattle 20 108 158 37 Horse -- 8 24 3 Camel -- -- 1 -- Dog -- 4 6 1 Wild mammals Red deer (Cervus elaphus) 4 14 8 6 Red deer, antler -- 1 -- 2 Goitered gazelle (Gazella -- 1 -- -- subgutturosa) Argali (Ovis ammon) -- -- 1 1 Siberian Ibex (Capra sibirica) 1 1 -- 2 Wild pig (Sus scrofa) -- -- 2 2 Fox (Vulpes vulpes) -- 3 10 1 Mustelid (Mustela spec.
The dead argali at the site reportedly bear bullet wounds entering from above.
The Washington, DC, District Court suit, represented by the law firm of Meyer & Glitzenstein, attempts to reverse a USFWS policy permitting the import of argali "hunting trophies.
Tibetan antelope (Pantholops hodgsoni) share the Chang Tang with wild yak and argali sheep, as well as large predators such as snow leopards, Tibetan brown bears and wolves.
The project is aimed at conservation of endangered animals like snow leopards, Tien Shan brown bear and argali.
Unprotected areas of spruce forests of Central Tien Shan are home to the largest population of snow leopards, argali, peregrine falcons and many other vulnerable species.
Thus, hunt for snow leopard is fined at 500 thousand soms, maral - 400 thousand soms, bear - 400 thousand soms, argali - 400 thousand soms, ibex - 55 thousand soms, and roe - 15 thousand soms.
Ibexes and argali must be within limit number for the habitat of snow leopards.
Seeing a desert bighorn sheep in the wild was as exciting for them as seeing the endangered argali (a large Asian bighorn sheep) had been for us when we had the opportunity to visit China the previous year.