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An outgrowth of the funiculus in certain seeds that either remains as an appendage or envelops the seed.
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(also caruncle), an appendage of a seed. Arils, which are usually succulent and fleshy, attract birds and ants that distribute the seeds. Some types of arils are called arillodes and arilli.

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The percentage ratios of TEAA to the TAA in the samples were 50.2% (aril) and 45.8 % (seed), which were well above the 39% considered to be adequate for ideal protein food for infants, 26% for children and 11% for adults [10].
So, the highest weight (2.9 to 3.1 g) and percentage of seed (12.0 to 12.7 g) occurred at the beginning of the production season, in June, while the highest weight ( 14.0 to 15.9 g) and percentage of aril (42.5 to 45.1%) was recorded in intermediate harvest (July) and at the end of August.
- All seeds that had been handled by frugivores and were then dropped either under the crown or some distance away from the crown still had little pieces of aril left, which attracted ants.
The Taxaceae are distinguished from other conifer families (except for Cephalotaxaceae) by compound pollen strobili or simple structures derived from compound pollen strobili, peltate microsporophylls, and solitary, terminal ovules embedded in a fleshy closed or open aril. In the past, Cephalotaxus and Podocarpus s.l.
Finally, I attempt to show how the most promising account of ARIL is really Ronald Dworkin's account of law.(7) Dworkin's jurisprudence is an explanation and justification of both ARIL and law's autonomy.
In the present study ackee aril oil was characterized utilizing nuclear magnetic resonance and infrared spectroscopy.
The central cavity of pawpaw fruit contains large quantities of seeds that are small, black, round, covered with gelatinous aril and make up about 15% of the wet weight of the fruit (Malacrida et al.,2011; Afolabi and Ofobrukweta, 2011).
Aril Group managing director Susan Potter said: "The Asha's restaurant team are delighted that their contemporary Indian menu has proven popular with the judges and the public.
They cover important cultivars, ecological needs, production, pomegranate pests, pomegranate diseases, weed management, physiological disorders, fruit thinning, harvest and fresh fruit processing, post-harvest biology and storage, aril production, juice production, pomegranates and health, and the pomegranate trade.