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arris, aris

1. An external angular intersection between two planar faces (an edge), or two curved faces, as in moldings or between two flutes on a Doric column or between a flute and the fillet on an Ionic or a Corinthian column.
2. The sharp edge of a brick.
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To access the replay, click on the Investor Relations tab on the ARI home page.
The capabilities of the ARIS Platform are a perfect fit with our Project Management offerings.
Stens selection of ARI is further testimony to the value that ARI brings to dealers, distributors and manufacturers in the Outdoor Power Industry," added Dearing.
IDS Scheer has extensive experience with business process monitoring, evidenced by its ARIS Process Performance Manager (ARIS PPM) targeting the middle-term analysis of as-is processes and optimization by analyzing their structure.
ARI has the proven software and support that will enable KYMCO to successfully grow its dealer base," said Brian E.
With the ARIS Platform, the company designed its enterprise architecture with emphasis on process view.
We are offering a mid-market durable goods company such as Florim an ERP foundation with mySAP, enhancing it with our consulting services and driving process excellence with our ARIS Platform," said Dr.
The new ARIS SOA Designer Service Browser offers more flexibility by building a bridge between business and IT to support operational processes.
While the databases that ARI currently manages and delivers are smaller and less complex in nature than those I've managed before, the information they provide is just as critical to the end user.
When I joined ARI over 10 years ago, ARI was already an established company, but one in need of a solid business plan that would lead to profitability and financial stability.
parts catalog and ordering system of our own, since we no longer could use ARI products under the Textron umbrella," said Thomas Schwarz, chief financial officer for Schiller-Pfeiffer.
If you wish to participate but cannot access the website, please call Nancy Krajcir-Bennett, ARI Investor Relations, at 414-973-4380.