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The artillery of the army and popular committees targeted troops and sites of the Saudi army artillery in al- Mahtam site and Qazaa Mustahdath in Jizan region, said the official.
The sources went on to say that the Syrian Army artillery units launched retaliatory attack and shelled the Turkish army Grade missile launchpad that had targeted the convoy.
Download Army pounds remaining Daesh posts in Wadi Martbiya NNA - Lebanese army artillery and aircraft continued to pound the remaining terrorist Daesh posts in Wadi Martbiya and terrorists' movements and assemblies there, inflicting casualties in their ranks, army command said in a communiqu.
The Lebanese army artillery pounded Daesh positions in the outskirts of the two towns once the announcement was made.
Some 31 soldiers from the 1st Field Artillery Battalion (1FAB), Army Artillery Regiment headed Saturday for Jolo, Sulu to augment the troops from the Western Mindanao Command (WeMinCom) conducting military operations against terror groups and lawless elements.
Damascus, SANA_ The Israeli enemy warplanes late on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 at 23:26 targeted Syrian army artillery position at the eastern foothills of Mount Hermon, the General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said in a statement.
Meanwhile, the source added, "The army artillery in cooperation with military intelligence destroyed a rocket-launching sites belonging to terrorist Dsh gangs killing 20 terrorists in Nibai area of Salahuddin province.
Army artillery gunners were pounding the town, southwest of Damascus, the monitoring group said, after activists reported that troops had used rocket launchers and heavy artillery on Friday.
The regiment, based in Newcastle, Gateshead, Blyth, South Shields and Leeds, is the North East's own Territorial Army Artillery Regiment.
The Tamil Tiger rebels said Wednesday that at least 40 civilians were killed in army artillery fire in Vaharai in Sri Lanka's restive east.
Excalibur receivers provide navigational guidance to the flight-control system of 155 mm Army artillery shells, thus improving target accuracy.
Before going to Korea, where he served with the Army Artillery as a forward observer with the rank of sergeant, he was offered the opportunity to serve in Germany as an athletic instructor and receive a lieutenant's commission.

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