aromatic cedar

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eastern red cedar, aromatic cedar

A highly aromatic, moderately high-density, fine-textured wood of a distinctive red color with white streaks; widely used for fence posts, shingles, and mothproof closet linings.
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Aromatic cedar trees don't grow very large, so most of the boards are less than 3 1/2" wide.
The boxes were traditionally used to store food and valuables, since the aromatic cedar wood repels insects, and were also used as seats, which is why the lids are particularly large and strong.
It's built of aromatic cedar, a 10-feet tall gazebo capable of seating eight that comes partially installed and includes video installation directions for the contractor of your choice.
Photo: Handy bundle of aromatic cedar logs makes a hearth-warming holiday gift for host or hostess
Everyone likes the woodsy smell of a new aromatic cedar closet.
At the recent hardware show the company unveiled an upscale line of canvas closets featuring aromatic cedar shelving.