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1. an adaptation of a piece of music for performance in a different way, esp on different instruments from those for which it was originally composed
2. an adaptation (of a play, etc.) for broadcasting



in music, any change in the original text of a musical work making it suitable for a particular purpose, such as its performance by musical amateurs, its use in teaching, or its performance by a different group of instruments.

In Western Europe, the widespread polyphonic arrangement of the melodies of Gregorian chant was the foundation of all polyphonic music until the 16th century. The arrangement of folk melodies, better known as their harmonization, became very important in the 19th and 20th centuries. Many outstanding composers, among them Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms, Balakirev, Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, and Liadov, wrote arrangements of folk melodies. An arrangement of a polyphonic composition for a different instrumentation is often called an adaptation or transposition; when a work is arranged for orchestra it is known as an orchestration. The name “transcription” is often given to an arrangement of a composition, usually written for a single instrument such as piano or violin, that intensifies its virtuoso role while retaining the original instrumentation.



An arrangement of n different things taken m at a time is an ordered set consisting of m elements of the set of n things. The number of such arrangements is equal to

If elements are allowed to be repeated, we speak of an arrangement of n things taken m at a time with repetitions. In this case, the number of arrangements is equal to nm.

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Such arrangements are similar to cancellation of a debt, which does not trigger a withholding obligation because of the lack of custody or control over money or property.
Likewise, the cardiology proposed arrangement standardization of devices and limitations on the use of vascular closure devices would constitute an inducement to reduce or limit the current medical practice at the hospital and trigger the CMP.
Instead of issuing a discounted stock option, for example, a company may issue an option at fair market value and give the employee a deferred cash bonus equal to the discount it would have offered, so that at least the option part of the arrangement won't be subject to section 409A.
That means that dimensions 8 and 24 appear to share the simplicity and elegance of dimension 2, in which a single highly symmetric, tightly locked configuration--the hexagonal packing--is both the best kissing arrangement and the best sphere packing.
Under a special rule, an SDLI arrangement is any arrangement between a life insurance contract's owner and non-owner in which the employer or service recipient pays, directly or indirectly, all or some of the premiums, and the beneficiary of all or some of the death benefit is designated by the employee or service provider--or is any person whom they would reasonably be expected to name as beneficiary.
Insure your laboratory provider is aware of the laws and regulations that govern arrangements between labs and their customers.
In most cases, the management arrangement can be structured to retain hospital-based status for the skilled nursing facility.
409A and the current proposed regulations apply to deferred compensation arrangements.
The same is true for transfers caught by the funding restrictions--continuing annually for earnings and increases in value if the assets remain set aside in a trust or other proscribed arrangement.
According to the final regulations, a split-dollar arrangement is one between a policy owner and a nonowner--other than group term insurance plans--where