array processor

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array processor

[ə′rā ′präs‚es·ər]
(computer science)
A multiprocessor composed of a set of identical central processing units acting synchronously under the control of a common unit.
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array processor

(Or "vector processor") A computer, or extension to its arithmetic unit, that is capable of performing simultaneous computations on elements of an array or table of data in some number of dimensions.

The IBM AltiVec (the "Velocity Engine" used in the Apple G4 computers) is a vector processor.

Common uses for array processors include analysis of fluid dynamics and rotation of 3d objects, as well as data retrieval, in which elements of a database are scanned simultaneously. Array processors are very rare now (1998).

Array presentation.
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vector processor

A CPU that performs computations on more than one number or set of data simultaneously. A vector processor is known as a "single instruction stream multiple data stream" (SIMD) CPU. Contrast with scalar processor. See GPU, vector and pipeline processing.
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The system is based on Mercury's ZIP 3216 array processor and the ZIP Video I/O converter that digitizes an image from an RS-170 signal and passes it directly into the array processor's memory via ZIP's 40 Mbyte/sec internal bus.
The second category of GSP architecture is the array processor. These are general-purpose (host) computers with special-purpose adjunct processors that are used to provide high performance for restricted classes of processing.
Most of these are Insertion Demonstration Projects including, a distributed array processor for special mission aircraft; a modem and frequency synthesizer for the Army AN/PRC-126 small unit radio; a radar signal processor for the Navy E-2C airborne early warning system; a digital map computer for the multiservice V-22 Osprey aircraft; a digital RF memory for the Army AN/ALQ-136 Jammer, signal processors for the Army RF Hellfire Seeker and for the Navy AN/ALQ126B Tactical Jammer and high resolution upgrade for the Navy AN/APS-137 surface search radar.
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Papers from the conference report on work in areas such as configurable computing machines, parallel connection architectures, array processors, and energy and performance optimizations, and describe recent work in memory and processor synthesis, matrix and imaging designs, cryptographic and coding applications, and parallel processing and arithmetic.

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