array processor

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array processor

[ə′rā ′präs‚es·ər]
(computer science)
A multiprocessor composed of a set of identical central processing units acting synchronously under the control of a common unit.

array processor

(Or "vector processor") A computer, or extension to its arithmetic unit, that is capable of performing simultaneous computations on elements of an array or table of data in some number of dimensions.

The IBM AltiVec (the "Velocity Engine" used in the Apple G4 computers) is a vector processor.

Common uses for array processors include analysis of fluid dynamics and rotation of 3d objects, as well as data retrieval, in which elements of a database are scanned simultaneously. Array processors are very rare now (1998).

Array presentation.
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Reconfigurable computing systems with reconfigurable array processors become prevalent for data-parallel and computation-intensive applications [1], [2].
Therefore, the array processor with ARM kernel is widely used.
Its architecture incorporates the industry's first fully software programmable video array processor capable of performing over 1 trillion operations per second, an Image Fidelity Enhancement Engine, and end-to-end true 10-bit image processing.
The P4K array processor chip can bring supercomputer performance for image processing applications to the desktop.
The J2211 features Atsana's massively parallel Array Processor as well as an ARM9 RISC processor, providing a powerful yet fully programmable solution for video, image audio and graphics processing.
ClearSpeed's advanced multi-threaded array processor technology provides its customers with the ability to significantly accelerate data-intensive applications at extremely low power.
The fully programmable CS301 multi-threaded array processor includes 64-way parallel processing, running at the target clock speed of 200MHz while consuming fewer than two watts, a fraction of the traditional power requirements.
During the course of its deliberations concerning the proposal, the Variagenics board also considered and reviewed with Variagenics management and Variagenics' legal and financial advisors potentially positive factors, including, but not limited to: (i) the benefits of increased financial resources based on representations by Acacia Research's financial advisor; (ii) possible synergies between Variagenics' cancer molecular diagnostic program and/or proprietary SNP database and the CombiMatrix group's biological array processor system; and (iii) the benefits of CombiMatrix's relationships with collaboration partners.
a development stage company that holds the exclusive license for CombiMatrix's biological array processor technology in certain fields of material science, to its subsidiary CombiMatrix.

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