arrow slit

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arrow loop, loophole

arrow loop
A vertical slit for archers in medieval fortification walls, with jambs deeply splayed toward the interior.
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Some of the cells carved in the living rock were just behind the face of the precipice, and in each of these an arrow-slit had been pierced outward to the daylight, and so the captive had a thin ray from the blessed sun for his comfort.
Halfway up the stairs to the second floor, a short flight of wooden steps leads to the purely decorative turret with feature arrow-slit window.
You can tell them that it was an amazing training feat but it is no consolation, because the arrow-slit of opportunity has passed never to return.
Originally part of a 12th century monastery, the peaceful home's interior features include Norman barrow-arched ceilings, 5ft thick walls, and arrow-slit windows.
The property includes about six and a half acres including paddock, kitchen garden, stone terrace, lawns and a large stone barn with traditional arrow-slit windows.
Halfway up the stairs, a short flight of wooden steps leads to the purely decorative turret with feature arrow-slit window.
The timing could hardly have been better and, given that not every major bookmaker is run by someone with no vision, it represents an arrow-slit of opportunity, at the least.
It also includes an exposed stone chimney breast and arrow-slit windows.
I can't stress too much what a tiny arrow-slit of opportunity the Derby is - you get one shot, round a Disney ride of racecourse, with a pubescent horse who is still learning the trade.
There are timber-framed entrance canopies, proper timber window frames painted white and stone arrow-slit details.
One's home is one's castle and if that means mock turrets, tapestries and arrow-slit windows, then so be it.
All the walls and bastions have arrow-slits allowing defenders to attack their enemy from a decent height.