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art history, the study of works of art and architecture. In the mid-19th cent., art history was raised to the status of an academic discipline by the Swiss Jacob Burckhardt, who related art to its cultural environment, and the German idealists Alois Riegl, Heinrich Wölfflin, and Wilhelm Worringer. The latter three saw art history as the analysis of forms and viewed art apart from any function it serves in expressing the spirit of its age. Major 20th-century art historians include Henri Focillon, Bernard Berenson, Aby Warburg, Émile Mâle, Erwin Panofsky, and Ernst Gombrich; the succeeding generation has included Michael Fried, Rosalind Krauss, Donald Kuspit, and Giselda Pollack. Modern art history is a broad field of inquiry embracing formal questions of stylistic development as well as considerations of social and cultural context. Since the 1970s, a heightened awareness of gender, ethnicity, and environmental issues has marked the work of many art historians.


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Duba: It's November 21 and like most Wednesday mornings, British art historian Rose Balston is at the XVA Gallery in Bastakiya by 10.
Giles Coren and art historian Rose Balston are hiding fakes in art galleries, including the Walker and Lady Lever, for a new TV show DOUG PETERS
Cohen passes relatively lightly over the many art historians who were deeply influenced by spending time in Berenson's company at I Tatti (and she misspells John Pope-Hennessy's name), sitting at his feet, being inspired by his encyclopaedic knowledge, corresponding with him, and making use of his art-historical library.
As a measure of the cultural sophistication of a city, the collection of art books in early public lending libraries and of the stock traded in book stores tells book historians and bibliographers as well as social and art historians much about the economic, educational, and class contexts in which artists aspired, studied, and sought private and public patronage.
And when should the interpretation of an art historian trump the insights of the actual artist?
Lesley King-Hammond, art historian and dean of graduate studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art, has recognized some extraordinary talents in this volume.
As Matthew, an art historian at Union College in Schenectady, N.Y., scanned the more-than-l00 items on the list, she realized that it was exactly what she had dreamed of finding.
Explain to students that they are to act as art historians. As an art historian, students must be thorough and accurate in their research and compelling in their presentation.
Before you can say "Mona Lisa" or "The Last Supper" Harvard art historian and religious symbol expert Robert Langdon (think Indiana Jones with a better tailor) and police inspector and cryptologist Sophie Neveu (Saunier's brilliant and fetching granddaughter) are on the scene and the scent of a murder mystery that will lead them across Europe and into some of Christianity's oldest and best kept secrets.
In order to select the German and Bulgarian finalists, ICAF Germany formed a panel of experts comprised of artists, painters, a psychologist, an art historian, an art magazine's publisher and people who deal with child art.
The prolific Irish novelist, historian, and playwright combines her whimsical humor with erudition to spin 17 fictional fables based on the lives of real historical figures, whether they're famous (art historian John Ruskin), near-famous (Mary Wollstonecraft, mother of the woman who wrote Frankenstein), or little-known characters such as sideshow dwarves, cross-dressers, and spinsters.
Get a mathematician together with a graphic artist and an art historian, and what happens?

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