artemisia annua

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sweet wormwood

sweet wormwood

(not the same as common wormwood) Strong anti-viral, highly effective against malaria. Sweet-smelling, sharp, fern-like leaves. Tiny yellow-green flower clusters. Leaf tea used for malaria, dysentery, diarrhea, flu, colds. Seeds used for flatulence (gas), indigestion, night sweats
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Artemisinin production and precursor ratio in full grown Artemisia annua L.
Artemisia annua extracts, compared with extracts from other 3 Artemisia species, showed the weakest anti-T.
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Despite clinical activity of artemisinins against cancer, longitudinal studies on the efficacy of artemisinin and Artemisia annua preparations upon longer application times are missing.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers produced anti-breast-cancer drug by using Artemisia annua plant.
Antimalarial drugs have been developed from the discovery and isolation of artemisinin from Artemisia annua L.
Many researchers reported the destructive effects of salinity and decrease growth parameters for example Thymus broussonetii Boiss [5], Nigella sativa [7], Suaeda maritime [12], Artemisia annua L.
She is being honored for distinguished contributions to the field of plant biology, particularly for her research on the plant Artemisia annua, which produces an anti-malaria agent known as artemisinin.
Este comportamento tambem foi observado por CONDORI (2005), na extracao do oleo de Artemisia annua, atraves dos mesmos metodos de extracao.