artemisia dracunculus

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Slender branched stems with very thin silvery leaves. Cluster of small yellow-green flowers. French Tarragon rarely has flowers. Soup flavoring. Used to thin blood, Insomnia, nausea, hiccups, hyperactivity, stimulates appetite, helps digestion, especially oily foods. Smells a little like anise, tastes like licorice. Also used to expel worms. Bugs and pests hate it’s smell, so it’s good to grow together with other plants in a garden.Do not use if pregnant (uterine stimulant)
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Previous studies on the anticoagulant activity of various plant extracts of Artemisia dracunculus were performed in vitro, on isolated platelets [17, 13], while anticoagulant activity in this study was performed directly on samples of human blood by determining the PT.
Artemisia dracunculus L, Asteraceae, contains coumarin compounds and is important plant species from a pharmacological point of view.
The studies reported here were undertaken to examine the antihyperglycemic activity of an ethanolic extract of Artemisia dracunculus L., called Tarralin[TM] in diabetic and non-diabetic animals.
Beware a Soviet impostor: Russian tarragonlooks like the true French kind--and even goes by the same name (Artemisia dracunculus), but it's a different strain altogether.