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A large share of arterial and residential streets north of Fairview and also between Five Mile and Maple Grove roads will see chipsealing treatment, while elsewhere in the zone chipsealing will be mostly carried out on arterial streets, according to the ACHD chipsealing map.<br />About 446 lane miles will be chipsealed by the time the work is completed in late August or early September.<br />The Highway District has divided the county into six chip seal zones with one area receiving work annually.<br />Visit this link for more information and to view a map of this year's chip seal area:
The construction of modern new arterial streets in densely populated urban areas requires very significant capital investments that are connected with the demolition of the existing housing, relocation of businesses, relocation of population to other areas, expropriation of land, reconstruction of utilities, etc.
Presently about 50 miles of collector and arterial streets are illuminated out of 450 total miles.