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Where human thinking leaves the wound open, only art, only artfulness can help.
As we have seen, Dewey argued in Art as Experience that artistry or artfulness could be a feature of all human experience.
This strategy will be examined within the context of the latest developments in the national curriculum for English and from an 'artfulness perspective'.
From the delights he serves here, it's obvious that from the cradle he was steeped in the culinary ethos that demands nothing less than the finest ingredients cooked with a clairvoyant's timing and sauced with an artfulness that verges on the alchemical.
Closing Monaco-set robbery ties up various subplots but shows little finesse in demonstrating the artfulness of the crime itself, which seems far too easily executed.
When students realize that even the very low-key, spontaneous art processes can produce quality visual responses, it helps them understand that genuine art making and artfulness can be accomplished in a variety of ways.
But developers seem increasingly willing to shell out for a skyline-arresting structure, realizing that in a market where tastes are more sophisticated, artfulness can translate into wider margins.
Fallon's prose is rich and elegant without excessive artfulness. He argues carefully and persuasively.
The Commission is a living compromise between Northern rigidity and Latin flexibility, between Protestant right-mindedness and Catholic artfulness, between the late-sleepers of the Mediterranean South and the early-risers of the frozen East.
Master photographer Michal Daniel was on hand in Minneapolis to capture the artfulness and the energy of the recent TCG National Conference, and our only regret is that--along with "Anchored in Artistry," staff writer Eliza Bent's discerning account of the gathering--we don't have more space to feature the faces, vistas and moments of interaction and illumination his camera recorded.
The artfulness of the dish didn't outweigh the taste, although the batter was a little too heavy for the delicate crab.
Because so much of Lee's book remains straightforwardly gritty and purposefully unadorned, it also raises the question of the importance of artfulness in a work of creative nonfiction.