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Fusion of a joint by removing the articular surfaces and securing bony union. Also known as operative ankylosis.



an operation that completely immobilizes a joint with the object of restoring an extremity’s supportive capability lost in certain diseases or injuries. Loss of supportive capacity may occur as a result of improperly knitted joint fractures, in tuberculosis, and in other acute and chronic joint inflammations. Arthrodesis consists in removing the cartilaginous surfaces (sometimes resecting the articular extremities of bones) and then fixing the joint surfaces in close contact until they knit. Knitting of the joint extremities may be accelerated by the compression method—compressing the joint ends with a special apparatus after removing the articular cartilage or after resecting the articular extremities of the bone.


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65-70) In patients with RA, the functional limitations of bilateral wrist arthrodeses may be severe.
5mm Bone Fixation Kit, a bioresorbable implant for the fixation of cancellous bone fragments of fractured non-load bearing bones, osteotomies and arthrodeses of the hand and foot.
Between the first conversion to total arthrodesis in June 1994 and the last in June 2003, 597 midcarpal arthrodeses were performed.
Orthopaedic Reconstruction During the fourth quarter, Stryker presented clinical data from an 80 patient Australian trial in which the OP-1 device was used to treat several hard-to- heal indications, including non-unions, spinal fusions, revision arthroplasty, peri-prosthetic fractures, bone defects, and arthrodeses.