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Fusion of a joint by removing the articular surfaces and securing bony union. Also known as operative ankylosis.



an operation that completely immobilizes a joint with the object of restoring an extremity’s supportive capability lost in certain diseases or injuries. Loss of supportive capacity may occur as a result of improperly knitted joint fractures, in tuberculosis, and in other acute and chronic joint inflammations. Arthrodesis consists in removing the cartilaginous surfaces (sometimes resecting the articular extremities of bones) and then fixing the joint surfaces in close contact until they knit. Knitting of the joint extremities may be accelerated by the compression method—compressing the joint ends with a special apparatus after removing the articular cartilage or after resecting the articular extremities of the bone.


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Smart Screw[R] II - The new SmartScrew II offering is a comprehensive line of bioabsorbable bone fixation implants indicated for fixation of fractures, osteotomies, arthrodeses and condylar grafts within the condylar aspects of the upper extremity, ankle and foot.
29) Whether increased stress at motion segments adjacent to arthrodeses is above a clinically relevant threshold is unknown.
Viscogliosi, there are an estimated 65,000 ankle procedures done in the United States annually, including an estimated 18,000 arthrodeses and ankle replacement procedures for which the S.
65-70) In patients with RA, the functional limitations of bilateral wrist arthrodeses may be severe.