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advise the Commission on how to build a broad and diverse community of stakeholders in a "European AI Alliance"; support the implementation of the upcoming European initiative on artificial intelligence (April 2018); come forward by the end of the year with draft guidelines for the ethical development and use of artificial intelligence based on the EU's fundamental rights.
The UAE Council for Artificial Intelligence is chaired by
IBM has approached artificial intelligence in a slightly different way than Alphabet.
Artelligence, the two-day forum will bring government leaders, business leaders and technology innovators together to explore the applications of Artificial Intelligence across different industries.
An Oracle research also shows an increasing interest in Artificial Intelligence capabilities, with nearly a third (29%) of cloud users citing the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence as a key requirement of cloud.
The UAE seeks to be a major hub for developing AI techniques and legislation, he said, adding that "our 2071 Strategy is founded on a set of fundamentals, primarily Artificial Intelligence across all our government and private sectors.
And don't miss out on the 2017 LMA Artificial Intelligence Program.
After an overview of artificial intelligence, contributors from both technical and medical fields describe projects that apply artificial intelligence it the medical domain.
AAAI will return to Canada in 2012 with the Twenty-Sixth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-12) and the Twenty-Fourth Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference (IAAI-12)
International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (22d: 2010: Arras, France)
Artificial intelligence already exists in today's world, and has forever changed it.
BASF Automotive Refinish Solutions has developed a software program that applies artificial intelligence using neural networks to the process of color matching paint.

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