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(in science fiction) a robot resembling a human being


An operating system for smartphones, tablets and laptops from the Google-sponsored Open Handset Alliance. With myriad models to choose from, Android is the leading mobile platform with approximately 85% of the worldwide smartphone market. Combining mobile and desktop platforms, more devices with the Android operating system are currently in operation than any other OS.

Android is a Linux OS, and apps are programmed in Java. Users download applications from Google's Play Store (formerly Android Market), the Amazon Appstore and other online sources (see Google Play and Amazon Appstore).

The first Android smartphone came out in 2008 and quickly became a major competitor to the iPhone due to its availability from multiple carriers and numerous handset manufacturers. In addition, Androids could multitask, whereas iPhones could not at that time. By 2011, Android outsold every other smartphone. Androids were the first smartphones with large screens (see phablet).

Like Windows vs. Mac
Like Windows computers, Android hardware is made by many different manufacturers. Also like Windows, Android vendors can add their own set of apps and different interface features to their phones (see app launcher). In contrast, like the Mac, the iPhone, iPad and iPod are made only by Apple. They feature one interface, one set of included apps and only a few current models. See iPhone vs. Android, how to select a mobile device, Open Handset Alliance, AOSP, Android fragmentation, mobile compatibility and mobile device vendor control.

The Google Phone
In 2005, Google acquired Android, Inc. and two years later unveiled smartphone specifications for third-party manufacturers. In 2010, Google began to offer "pure Android" versions, devoid of vendor add-ons (see Google Nexus and Pixel phone). When it acquired Motorola Mobility in 2012, Google became a phone manufacturer itself. However, in less than two years, Google sold the company to Lenovo while retaining numerous patents. See Android camera, Android rooting, Android laptop, Android antivirus program, Chromecast, Android TV, Galaxy S, HTC G1 and smartphone.

Early Models
After T-Mobile introduced the first Android phone in 2008, other carriers and vendors followed, eventually introducing more than a thousand models. See GSM and CDMA.

No Phones on These Androids
In 2009, the ARCHOS entertainment center (top) and Barnes & Noble e-book reader were some of the first Androids sans phone. Soon after, myriad Android tablets and devices were introduced. (Images courtesy of ARCHOS and

No Phones on These Androids
In 2009, the ARCHOS entertainment center (top) and Barnes & Noble e-book reader were some of the first Androids sans phone. Soon after, myriad Android tablets and devices were introduced. (Images courtesy of ARCHOS and
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There is in fact a symphony between the resources used by a company and the relations between this artificial person and its stakeholders.
The artificial person theory also does not support corporate religious beliefs blocking the ACA's application.
First of all, one should emphasize the fact that the admissibility of the action depends on the actual existence of an injury against a right or freedom whose holder is the artificial person, therefore, as the Constitutional Chamber of Costa Rica (Brewer-Carias, 2009: 188) argued "the object and matter of amparo is not to guarantee in an abstract way the enforcement of the Constitution, but to protect against the threats and violations of fundamental rights of persons".
An artificial person or being, endowed by law with the capacity of perpetual succession; consisting either of a single individual (termed a 'corporate sole,') or of a collection of several individuals, (which is termed a 'corporate aggregate.
If we imagine that each natural person is given a hat for each artificial person that they can represent, we see that each pupil has, for example, a school hat, a particular classroom hat, a person hat, a social background hat.
Persons are divided by law into persons natural and persons artificial, and 'person' prima facie, at common law and apart from any statutory enactment, includes both natural and artificial persons, and therefore as a general rule includes corporations.
When they are considered as his own, then he is called a natural person; and when they are considered as representing the words and actions of another, then he is a feigned or artificial person.
For an exemplification of the use of representation as a device to create the artificial person (persona ficta) of the state see Quentin Skinner, "Hobbes and the Purely Artificial Person of the State," in Visions of Politics, 3 vols.
Under the new statutory instrument (amending that of 2006), towing, handling and lighterage (loading and unloading of a ship by means of boats) are to be carried now whether by a physical person of an Algerian nationality or an artificial person of an Algerian right benefiting from a concession (meeting the conditions of professional skills and the terms of the convention and specifications), whereas the previous instrument did not require the nationality of the operators.
As an artificial person, plaintiff has not shown how it experienced the kind of constitutional injury that has been found in such cases," the 10th Circuit ruled.
He helps us see how the conflict between advocates of quality journalism and Wall Street minimalists is embedded in a larger systemic flaw in the artificial person known as the corporation.
Is a transfer of an unencumbered interest in real property to a newly created or existing artificial person subject to the deed tax?