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Our results suggested that (1) the interspecific isometric relationship between roots and shoots is constant even in a small data set of seedlings, (2) artificial selection in crop species has not changed this uniform relationship, and (3) the scaling exponent of MB vs.
We identified putative signals of strong artificial selection in Thoroughbred genomes by combining both tests.
To counteract the possible effects of natural selection opposing artificial selection for glucosinolate content, new generations were started from seeds chosen such that each parental plant (whether mother or father) within a replicate selection line was represented equally.
We used artificial selection experiments to generate populations (lines) of B.
This evolution was a result of natural selection for life in the heat of the semi-desert environments, and by artificial selection for speed and stamina in the hunting of gazelle and other fast-running animals.
First he studied the breeding and artificial selection of farm animals.
We know little about the role of these constraints on crop domestication, nor how artificial selection can escape them.
Modern breeds of cattle were domesticated about 10,000 years ago to produce the distinct breed characteristics for milk or meat products from natural and human artificial selection (Bradley et al.
Natural selection has been relaxed and replaced with artificial selection for various shapes that breeders favour.
The next section, on empirical findings on the response to artificial selection, summarizes results from both short- and long-term selection experiments, comparing empirical results with theoretical predictions.